Customer support is changing. Helpcreator transforms staff driven support operations to effortless self support for users.

Once upon a time there was a website that had many users. Most users were happy, but a few needed support in using the website. Every day, the website staff opened their email and answered all support requests until they were tired. Users wanted the website staff to answer faster and delight them, while management wanted the website staff to spend less time on support. One day in an act of inspiration the website staff added to the website. Because of that users could directly get self-support while being on the website. Because of that the support delivered an effortless experience to the users. Because of that they sent fewer email support requests to the website staff and the staff spend less time on support. Because of that management seemed happier and in control. Until finally most users were happy and the website staff could focus again on improving the site thanks to Helpcreator.

Helpcreator provides effective support for websites and apps, from inline help to filling in forms to SaaS.