Increase Customer Loyalty through Co-creation

How to increase customer loyalty

Customer loyalty is scarce and hard to get.  At least, according to many sources on the internet.  And loyalty is easy to loose, if your customer service is not doing what your customer expects.  Here’s a tactical method to increase customer loyalty.

The method works by using a simple and not well-known approach to increase customer loyalty through customer service:  Work together with your customer to resolve an issue and co-create the solution with your customer.  Your customer in effect becomes their own customer service (with your help!).  They get invested in the solution.

Getting started with co-creation is easy:  Have a question and answer section in you knowledge base and in you online help.  Let customers add questions and provide answers, visible for your other customers.

You can even make this method more effective by using the co-created solution in a FAQ or knowledge base as an example.  Other customers will take note and see that you are working together with customers to proactively solve issues.

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